Husband of lawmaker accused of extramarital affair files for divorce

Posted at 2:14 PM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 16:14:49-04

The husband of state lawmaker Christy Perry has filed for divorce in Canyon County.  According to the Idaho Repository, Matthew Perry filed the paper work in mid October and Representative Perry was served on October 24.

Perry was one of two state lawmakers involved in an ethics investigation for misuse of state money during an alleged extra-marital affair.   

In August, President pro-tem of the Idaho Senate, Brent Hill acknowledged the ethics investigation of Representative Perry and Senator Jim Guthrie.

Hill told Nate Shelman of 670 KBOI radio, "We have our auditors looking over the last three years, at least, to see if there were any conferences either of them went to, what public funds were used, if there were any conferences they both went to together and things like that.  We are looking at it like we are trying to safeguard the public interest."

Investigators for the ethics committee later announced there were discrepancies in travel reimbursements to Guthrie.   The same investigation cleared Perry of any financial wrongdoing. 

At the time, Perry released a statement saying, "I was experiencing a profound crisis in my life. During that time, I turned to a friend in the legislature and ultimately made a terrible mistake for which I am truly sorry."  

Perry went on to say her husband was aware and they were working on their marriage.