Hundreds march to the capital in support of Ukraine

Posted at 8:25 PM, Mar 05, 2022

IDAHO — In support of their home country and family and friends back home, two local high school exchange students from Ukraine organized a march in downtown Boise to show support for all Ukrainians and their country.

"That is kind of the least thing we can do being that far away from home," Jasmine Cetin, Ukraine exchange student/March organizer said.

Hundreds of people lined up with Ukrainian flags, dressed in the countries colors, and with signs of support as they marched from Boise City Hall to the Capital.

"We are both exchange students from Ukraine that are going to stay here for one academic year, and we just decided to make this march to support Ukraine," Cetin said. "To show that there are people here, that far away, in Idaho that are thinking about Ukraine and wants to show their love and support."

"Because we are very concerned about what is going on in our country and we really want to support it and are very proud of it," Iryna Syla, Ukraine exchange student/March Organizer said.

The sadness and fear from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine are being felt all across the globe, and even right here in Idaho.

"I would say it was probably the hardest week of my life. I didn’t sleep for three days at all cause I was watching the news and looking at what was happening in my city and the whole country," Cetin said.

Elena McKee, originally from Ukraine, heard about the march on Facebook and knew she couldn't miss it.

"It has been a nightmare. My family is in Ukraine right now, and I can’t stop thinking about them," McKee said. "Like I wake up, check the news, and my phone is glued to my hand all day."

"They are fairly safe, but safe is a very irrelevant word right now, but I have my friends all over Ukraine and I know some are hiding in bomb shelters right now," she added.

One of her friends she hasn't heard from in four days. But, with all of the uncertainty and fear, this support from the community means so much during this difficult time.

"It is really nice that so many people came here to support us because last week was actually really hard," Syla said.

"It is very uplifting and I know it is very uplifting for people in Ukraine," McKee said.