Hundreds march to Statehouse for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Posted at 4:10 PM, Jan 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 14:18:45-05

BOISE  — Hundreds of posters and people lined the path to the statehouse, among them, a student from a Boise School District elementary school.

"I've never been on a march before. This is my first march ever," said Isha, a student from Boise School District.

Isha made posters early in the morning with her siblings to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

"My sign says, 'the time is always right to do what is right,' because I think it shows integrity and everybody should be kind to one another, and I think it's really unjust to discriminate people by their color and what they believe," said Isha.

Other students, like Kayla Mitchell, are helping to lead this effort to remind the community about what Dr. King hoped to see.

"Diversity in thought, diversity in skin tone, diversity in perspective and experience--and we really feel like that grounds us," said Mitchell.

"We're people united, we'll never be divided," the crowd cheered.

The march and rally today are another chance to learn about Dr. King and how he's inspired those speaking at the Capitol.

"At school, we watched a speech of MLK--we watched his I have a dream speech he gave in Washington D.C.," said Isha.

Organizers want to see more education at every age level.

"What we see is 'I have a dream,' and that is it. We don't read the Birmingham jail letter and that's an issue," said Ryan Banks, member of the Boise State MLK Living Legacy Committee. "When we need to show all parts of Dr. King because they were all important."

"It isn't a 'let's celebrate today because we have no school' and this is a one time thing. This isn't a black history month, one month thing, this is an 'every day we need to come together and make these changes,'" said Aysia Kernia, member of the Boise State MLK Living Legacy Committee.

While it might be some students' first rally, the message is one they can carry with them beyond today.

"I hope that we get to live his dream. It was sad that he didn't get to live his dream that he wanted to pursue, but I think that we can do it," said Isha.