How BSU students are getting involved in National Voter Registration Day

Posted at 6:24 PM, Sep 19, 2023

BOISE, ID — It is National Voter Registration Day. The Associated Students of Boise State University set up a table in the main quad to help urge students to sign up and register to vote.

ASUSB President Cheyon Sheen explained, “We live in a democracy. The reason it functions is because we all have our own unique voice.”

The table had a sign up sheet for giveaways, as well as voter registration forms Once students are done filling out these forms, the ASBSU sends them to the Ada County Elections office where the new batch of voters will be officially registered with the state.

BSU student Ella Baumer said, “We want to get our voices heard, no matter who you're voting for, your opinion matters, and we fought hard to get voting rights so we want to use them.”

Last spring a bill was passed in Idaho taking away the option of using student IDs as a form of ID to register. However, that didn’t slow down the amount of students from showing up and signing up.

Speaking to several BSU students, they believe it is even more important that students show representation in voting.

“It is absolutely vital that students come out to vote because our voice even changes the way the university interacts with its students,” explained Marco Ovando.

Nicky Bollinger said that students should, “make sure our demographic is represented. It also encourages them to be aware of current political issues, what's going on around them.”

Kennedy Way of the ASBSU explained, “It is important to have those administrators to give us that structure, but if the students aren't voicing what is directly happening to them, then the issues they're having aren't getting solved.”

ASBSU says they will have a table set up for students all week. If you are not a student you can always register or check your registration status on