How a Kuna restaurant owner is putting her community first with a winter coat drive

The cafe owner Jennifer says she was inspired to do something good because she has seen students without coats
Posted at 5:02 PM, Nov 08, 2023
  • Jennifer Alstrom has seen students in her community without coats, hats or gloves
  • You can clean out your closet and help your neighbors by dropping off your gently used coats to Krave's Country Kafe.
  • Located: 1327 N Meridian Rd Ste 130, Kuna, ID 83634
  • The best time to drop off any coats or can is Tuesday through Thursdays 9am to 8pm. Or Friday’s and Saturday’s from 9am to 3pm.
  • Check out their Facebook page for updates

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

I’m Allie Triepke, your Kuna Neighborhood Reporter, and if you are cleaning out your coat closet for the winter, I’m sharing with you a way that you can donate them to people in our community with the help of Krave’s Country Kafe, on Meridian Rd.

“I had one lady bring in a ton of larger size coats, and I asked her if she wanted the discount and she said, ‘absolutely not, I just want them to a good cause’,”

Jennifer Alstrom owns and runs Krave’s Country Kafe in Kuna.

While I was browsing the Kuna Must Know Facebook page, I ran across a post from the cafe about giving away free Halloween costumes and winter coats to those in need in her community.

“The inspiration was the economy, everything is so expensive, the cost of rent has gone up and there are so many families that are struggling to make ends meet, so if I can do anything to help them out, then I will.”

Jennifer has seen first hand students in Kuna without proper coats.

“I’ve seen a lot of it. Kids in high school walking around with short sleeve T-Shirts on, or little kids with no hats or gloves.

While I was filming at the cafe, a Kuna couple came to drop off all the coats they had collected from their neighbors that also wanted to help.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer has inspired the community around her to donate. Last month she did a Halloween costume drive, and let families dealing with tough situations come pick out a costume free of charge.

“People that were donating thanked me a lot for helping out the community. And people that needed them were super excited, they brought their kids in, let them pick out the costumes. The kids were excited and they thanked me,”

Her restaurant is offering discounts and gifts to those who bring in clothing, but Jennifer says, most people don’t take it, just want to help.

The coat drive will continue through the end of December,

“I’m also starting to collect canned food for the local food pantries, and I donate frozen meals once a week to the local food pantries,”

Jennifer says the best time to drop off any coats or can is Tuesday through Thursdays 9am to 8pm. Or Friday’s and Saturday’s from 9am to 3pm.

“I can’t keep any kids' coats in stock. They fly out the door as fast as they come in.”

While Krave’s Country Kafe is looking for coats of all shapes and sizes, they especially need coats for kids.