Housing in Boise compared to other states

Posted at 10:11 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 06:53:31-04

According to the Boise market report for August, the average price of a home per square foot rose to 169 dollars which are 15 percent more than last year. 

It could be a little intimidating for those who want to buy a home.

"You won't believe it. There are one and a half months of inventory. This is truly a seller's market," said Chris Watkins, Windermere realtor. 

It's no secret that the housing market in the Treasure Valley is booming. 

According to the Boise Market Report, houses in Boise are on the market for an average of just 26 days.

Watkins says Boise's market is still more affordable than other cities. 

"Like in Portland where the average selling prices are 435,00 to 450,000. Home buyers especially first time home buyers can no longer afford a home and it's already been that case in Seattle, San Francisco, the bay area and so to see that you know what's the trend you know. It actually opens up opportunities for people to move here because we've still been affordable," said Watkins. 

Jessica Argyle and her family just got the keys to their new house. 

"I bought a house about ten years ago that was about 100,000 dollars less than we thought and the same square footage and that kind freaked me out too that the houses are just so expensive right now," said Jessica Argyle, Kuna resident. 

The process went smoother than she thought. 

"We didn't think we would qualify for a house because we both went back to school and have been getting back on our feet and just decided to see where we were at and luckily it all worked out," said Argyle.

She only started looking for a house six to eight weeks ago. 

"It went really fast after that," said Argyle. 

"We thought we were like a year off and it worked out that we aren't and it's awesome," said Argyle. 

Watkins says homes for sale in Ada County were up eight percent for the month of August, but that is actually a trend down over twenty-two percent from August of last year.