Housing First plan for homeless gets committment

Millions in tax credits to save money
Posted at 3:52 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-14 20:36:39-05

Boise's adoption of a Housing First model has won funding and commitment from developers.  The planned way of addressing homelessness by providing social services and support on-site in homes granted to homeless people is expected to realize a savings of approximately 5x compared to allowing homeless people to use services on an emergency-basis while remaining homeless.

Gerald M. Hunter, President of the Idaho Housing and Finance Association said, "The intensity of the case management is going to be very critical to make sure that this is a successful endeavor."

There is no date set for the opening of the development as there are many bureaucratic steps that need to be taken firstly, such as getting a variety of permits.  

Idaho Housing and Finance Association said they expect the facility to be completed by late 2017. The total financing for the project at this point is $7.33 million.

$5.83 million comes from Low-Income Housing Tax Credits awarded by the Idaho Housing and Finance Association. $500,000 comes from HOME funds from the same source. $1 million comes from the City of Boise.

In addition supportive services will be funded:

$250,000 from Ada County

$100,000 from St. Luke's Health System

$100,000 from Saint Alphonsus Health System

$25,000 from the United Way of Treasure Valley

$25,000 from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation