Housing Crisis Hotline available for Ada County residents

Posted at 4:29 PM, Jul 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 08:58:12-04

ADA COUNTY, Idaho — A new Housing Crisis Hotline has launched as an effort to end homelessness in Ada County. People who need housing resources or any information related to a housing crisis they might be facing now have one number to call for help.

“I’m proud of this project and all of the collaborative work it took to get this up and running,” said Cassandra Artukovich, Operations Manager at Jesse Tree who helped design the Housing Crisis Hotline. “We are all determined to make a difference in the way families get support through the most troubling time in their lives.”

The hotline will serve as one single point of contact for people who experiencing any housing crisis. All of the information is confidential, and it's encouraged to reach out if you need help.

“With the understanding that people that are going through a housing crisis are actively experiencing trauma at that moment, we wanted to make the experience as simple as possible for them,” Our Path Home Connect Program Director Sara Busick said.

The goal is to have one person be able to meet someone at their moment of crisis and potentially solve their crisis quicker before things become dire.

“So, when someone does call our phone number, what they are going to do is they are going to talk to Rosie," Busick said. "They are going to talk to her about what they are going through, whatever that crisis might be. There's a large spectrum of services that people need.”

If you do need this assistance, all of the calls are confidential.

“We share information only with the partners that can assist someone. I say call for help because we’ve heard it all and it's so easy to get connected to someone that has that knowledge.”

Our Path Home Connect is a partnership of about 40 organizations that all deal with housing, homelessness, or housing crisis in one way or another, so when you call the housing crisis hotline, you will be directed to whichever organization fits your needs.

For more information click here. If you need assistance call 208-336-HOME (4663).