Housing boom brings rookie real estate agents

Posted at 5:37 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 19:37:12-04

The housing market in the Treasure Valley is booming and it's drawing more and more rookie real estate agents.

In the Boise area houses are getting sold faster than they can be put up. Soaring prices and increased demand not only makes it a seller's market but a hot bed for real estate agents.

"Certainly as the market picks up and prices are rising and demand is there, it's just opportunity for people to get into the business," said Deanna Vanstrom, CEO of the Boise Regional Realtors Association.

She’s has seen a flood of new real estate agents wanting to get their piece of the housing pie. As many as fifty new agents are joining the association each month.

"Our membership is about 3,675, which is 20% higher than it was last year."

With so many new agents hitting the market, it's easy for consumers to get stuck with a bad one. Here are some on your side tips to find a good agent.

1) Ask around and get a referral. You'll have honest feedback from a friend.

2) Work out your situation and find an agent who specializes in it. A first time home buyer has different demands than someone looking for an investment property.

3) Sit down with potential agents and ask questions. Success or failure can hinge on a good relationship and communication.

"Honestly it comes down to someone you communicate well with and have a good time with because you're going to spend a lot of time with that person while you're going through the transaction," said Vanstrom.

There's some good news for the real estate business. The Idaho Real Estate Commission has seen a downward trend of complaints about agents over the last four years. Analysts say that is in part because there are fewer foreclosures and short sales following the Recession.

At the end of the day a home is likely the biggest investment you'll have. Take the time for due diligence and you can avoid getting burned on a bad house.