House passes bill that would make it illegal to help a minor get an abortion without parental consent

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Posted at 1:01 PM, Mar 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-08 15:09:54-05

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho House of Representatives passed House Bill 242 that would criminalize taking a minor to get an abortion without parental consent.

The legislation clarifies definitions related to the illegal trafficking of minors to get an abortion and revises Idaho code prohibiting anyone taking a minor for an abortion or providing them with an abortion-inducing drug without consent from the minor's parents.

The bill will allow for criminal and civil charges to be brought upon the medical professional who performed or attempted to perform an abortion by the pregnant individual, the father, grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles of the unborn child.

The bill prohibits seeking charges from any pregnancy created through acts of rape or incest.

Anyone found in violation of this law could be prosecuted by the State Attorney General and face up to five years in prison and be required to pay a minimum of $20,000 in statutory damages.

HB 242 passed with a vote of 57-12-1 and now moves to the Senate.