Honorary horror film star speaks on gender representation in the industry

The event runs through Sunday, Oct. 14.
Posted at 11:17 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-13 01:17:35-04

Hey Boise, don't blink!-- or you just might miss what organizers say is "the only all women-run" horror film festival in the world-- the Idaho Horror Film Festival.

B-movie actress and "Scream Queen," Linnea Quigley, has touched down in Boise for a "Q and A" after a screening of one her most notable roles in this 80s cult classic horror: "Return of the Living Dead."

"'Trash' in 'Return of the Living Dead' was my favorite role to play because I got to be like a punk, ya know, just, different than everybody else," Quigley said.

But being different than everybody else-- she says-- was not always easy in those days, especially as a woman in the horror genre.

"They were always victimized, and victims, and put, in like the man protecting them parts. And it was always the man directing, the man producing."

A Women in Film panel at Amsterdam Lounge Saturday aims to address a hopeful shift of representation in the horror filmmaking industry.

"Now, with the women coming in, [the genre has] taken a whole new path."

A path that Molly Deckart, Executive Director of the festival, hopes will lead to more funding for Idaho filmmakers.

"I think Boise does a great job of supporting their arts community, but what we'd like to see is more of a statewide action to support films being produced here," Deckart said.

She says more support for films means more aspiring filmmakers in the valley.

"With your love step forward and do whatever you want, because you can do it. I did it and I was a shy girl, really shy. So, just do it," said Quigley.