High school sports teams keep air quality in mind

Posted at 10:22 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 00:22:49-04

Many Treasure Valley high school sports teams are getting ready for their first games. Air quality in the red category is unhealthy for everyone. 

"So we've had to limit morning practices when it was red," said Jason Warr, activities director, West Ada School District.

Making the call for practices and games could be challenging. 

"We try and make a determination by two um for varsity football games, we'll probably extend it a little longer to see if there might be changes in the forecast and we'd push out that but if were to go to red at anytime before that game, we would probably, we would stop and not hold the game," said Warr.

As Chief Meteorologist Scott Dorval says, there seems to be a trend throughout the day. 

"I know a lot of sports teams are getting ready to play some games over the weekend. The games are at night so there's a better chance we would be out of the red category when the games start. Although in the morning when they may be making the call on whether or not they have the game, it could still be in that red category, but it will improve as the day goes on so they could get those games in," said Dorval. 

Warr says if they do have to cancel or reschedule games, they use social media and emails to let students and parents know.