Here's how Nampa and Boise school districts say hybrid learning will work

Posted at 3:51 PM, Sep 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-11 17:55:12-04

BOISE — After receiving the partial green light, West Ada School District starts hybrid learning on Monday. Other districts are taking more time to open those doors.

September 21, Nampa kids head back to the classroom for part of the week.

"Basically, it's a flipped classroom, so they give them a lot of work to do, and then on the days that they're together, they build on what they've been doing at home," said district spokesperson Kathleen Tuck.

Face coverings are a must, and Wednesday is a catch-up day.

"Might have some CTE students come in and do some hands-on things in the classroom," said Tuck,

"so if you have a welding or automotive student where they need to have that."

Boise school district has a different approach. They're doing a four-phase plan, beginning with students whom the district determines need in-person attendance the most coming back September 21.

"Pre-K through second grade, those students who are beginning to learn to read, who are better served in an in person-environment, some special ed students as well," said district spokesperson Dan Hollar.

All students will return no sooner than November 9.

"It's one thing to be open; it's another to do everything we can as a society and community our students and our staff together to make sure we can continue to learn in person," said Hollar.

It'll be two days in class, three days online. Both Nampa and Boise say they're working to fix any remaining tech issues.

"Understand how to teach online, so that's helpful, but you're always going to have tech issues when you have 14,000 students," said Tuck.

"We had some login issues that the first week, a lot of those have been dealt with, but if people have issues, we have a helpline," said Hollar.

The districts are aware parents have reservations about both remote and in-person instruction.

"We understand the stress and the worry parents have because they feel they're doing two jobs at once, holding down the fort at home food on the table but also being asked to support the teaching as well, we understand that, we have heard that," said Hollar.

These plans won't affect the Boise online program students. They'll stay online for the entire semester, as they signed up to do at the beginning of school.

Nampa school district also allowing fans back in the stadium for fall sports. The district said players, cheerleaders, and band members will get two tickets each for immediate family members. Physical distancing and masks will be required.