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Wellness Wednesday: revamping your recipes for spring

Posted at 7:37 AM, Apr 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 09:37:32-04

IDAHO — Spring is officially in full swing, and that means there's a whole new crop of seasonal fruits and vegetables to add to your plates.

Molly Tevis, a registered dietitian with Albertsons, says there are plenty of spring fruits and vegetables out there to use and add a burst of color, nutrients, and flavors to recipes.

"Spring is the perfect time to pick out some of that fresh produce. Asparagus, rhubarb, fresh berries, Swiss chard, spring peas. There are so many options and they add some of that vibrant color, lots of fresh flavors, and lots of choices."

Earth Day is April 22 and knowing what kind of fruits and veggies you want to use is a good first step to reduce waste in the kitchen, followed by planning out how you're going to use them.

"If you buy a whole carrot, use the carrot tops as well. If you're buying celery, use the celery greens as well. Try to make the most of our fruits and veggies," says Tevis. "Also, only buy what you need every time you go to the grocery store so there's less waste."

Tevis adds you can also cut down on waste by knowing where produce goes once you get it home. If it's in the cold case at the store, it goes in the fridge. If it was on a produce table, it stays on the counter.

Some ideas to help you get started with spring produce recipes include this spicy lemon snap pea salad, linguine with asparagus, artichokes, and pancetta, and rhubarb oat bars.

For more tips, head into your local Albertsons or click here.