'He went valiantly': Family of Idahoan killed in Ukraine speaks out

Dane Partridge
Posted at 4:10 PM, Oct 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-13 18:10:48-04

REXBURG, Idaho — An Idaho man died in Ukraine earlier this week while serving as a volunteer.

Dane Partridge of Rexburg, who previously served in Iraq, had been fighting in Ukraine since April before he was killed on the front lines.

Now, the sister of Partridge, Jenny Partridge Corry, is speaking out on how she is remembering her brother.

“It almost seemed to be, what the measure of his creation was all about,” she said.

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Sister of Dane Partridge speaks out

According to his sister, Partridge died in Ukraine after being put on life support following a firefight with Russians.

“Russians were equipped with the tank and him and his team were insufficiently prepared and they were not sufficiently protected," she said. “They did not have their tanks with them and within the firefight, there was some (fragmentation) that was discharged and it hit many of the men but Dane sustained the worst of all of the injuries.”

Partridge was 34 years old and leaves behind his wife and five children in Idaho. His sister said serving was his mission in life.

“It made sense because ever since he was a little boy, he was running around in our dad’s BDU’s playing army guy and it was his personality like he was born to fight and he went to Ukraine and it just fit his personality,” she said. “He had a spiritual conviction that he couldn’t deny and so he followed it and he went valiantly.”

She said she would communicate with Dane often and he said fighting conditions in the Donbas region of Ukraine were heavier than what he had seen in Iraq.

“He wanted us to not worry for him. So, he kept much of the conversation on us at home and he kept the worry to himself and he wanted us to have peace and he wanted us to know that he loved us and it was all for us.”

She said she will remember her brother by serving and finding a need in others that need service.

“That was the very same thing that we stood for we had many conversations where he said that was the very reason he would get up every day. He needed to always be working in the line of service no matter what he was doing. True to his words, I will try to always remember to forget myself and go to work and learn to serve others.”

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo also spoke out about Partridge on social media, offering sincere condolences to family and friends.