Have left over pumpkins? These hungry guys would love your donation

Posted at 5:28 PM, Nov 01, 2023

KUNA, Idaho — Don't throw out your leftover pumpkins! Local animal sanctuary DominiFarm can repurpose your decor as food for their animals.

  • Donations of produce (pumpkins and more), hay, and grain should be dropped off at the DominiFarm gate.
  • People can also schedule an appointment or farm tour if you want to feed the animals yourself.

Below is the transcript from the broadcast story:

Halloween has wrapped up and many are leftover with pumpkins in their yards. Instead of wasting them and throwing them out, places, like animal sanctuaries, are accepting produce so they can use them for food.

“At DominiFarm we accept all uncarved, unpainted and unbleached pumpkins,” said Dominique Delobbe, the President and Operator of DominiFarm Animal Sanctuary.

The animal sanctuary makes good use of pumpkins and produce by feeding them to different animals.

“It’s really good when we have fresh produce, because we can save on grains and hay. It’s very good for the [animals] healthwise because it will give them minerals and vitamins that they can’t find in dry food," said Delobbe.

Goats eating pumpkins

With 50 animals living on the property, the sanctuary can save money with donated produce and put the funds towards building new shelters for the cold winter months.

"We have all kinds of animals from guinea pigs to cows, and they all love pumpkins as you can see, they are very excited. So it's a way to recycle your pumpkins and make animals happy," said Delobbe.

The farm is not just accepting pumpkins, they’re also accepting apples and carrots and other produce. As well as grains, hay and straw for the animals, Delobbe said, “We buy hay so we are in need of hay all the time.”

Idaho News 6 reporter Allie Triepke feeds carrots to a horse at DominiFarm

The best way to donate is to drop off hay and produce at their front gate. And if you’re interested in feeding the animals with the food you bring, you can set up an appointment by calling the sanctuary.

For a full experience of the sanctuary, DominiFarm also offers education tours of the farm.

“It’s a one hour educational tour and it’s very fun and family oriented. We’re going to teach you a lot about the animals like their personalities, and also what do you feed an animal,”

DominiFarm and their volunteers will host their Christmas celebration on Dec. 10, from 1 to 4 in the afternoon.

“We love our community and our Treasure Valley community, they are very supportive,” said Delobbe.

On Nov. 12, proceeds from a Christmas Market at the Cathedral of the Rockies will go towards the farm.