HAPPENING TODAY: Archery Range in Military Reserve opening

Posted at 5:46 AM, Aug 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-28 08:05:57-04

BOISE, Idaho — The new archery range located in the Military Reserve is officially opening today. The range features ten lanes at different yard lengths. The target for the ten yard length has not been installed yet, but delivery is expected on August 29.

There are safety regulations in place at the range. Archers should only shoot at designated targets and only shoot from the line. Broadhead arrows should be used on personal targets only.

The archery range is open from sunrise to sunset. Users should treat the range with respect as trash service is not provided. If you pack it in, pack it out. Competitive events at the range must be approved and scheduled through the Boise Parks and Recreation Department.

Crossbows, paintball guns and firearms are not allowed at the range. Alcoholic beverages cannot be withing the boundaries of the archery range. Pets are also not allowed inside the range.

The range is located at the end of Mountain Cove Road. It is available at a drop-in basis with for free.