Hailey still fighting the flood waters

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jun 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-03 00:23:27-04

It's been nearly a month since water has inundated parts of Hailey.

There are still 40 homes under evacuation and 19 of those don't have power, but some residents said they still wouldn't change where they live for the world.

Residents have had to get crafty with how they get into their homes since they've been surrounded by the water for almost a month. Some are using boats, waders, or even making their own bridges to their front doors. 
"We were talking about going fishing off the back deck, " laughed Siri McGraw, a Hailey resident.

City of Haley officials said it could be weeks before the neighborhoods affected dry out, and then the repair work begins after that.

"There is damage to a lot of the houses. You know you've got a chance of mold and all sorts of things," said City of Hailey official Anne Jeffery.

Even with all of the trouble they've had to go through for the last month, spirits are high in the neighborhood. Neighbors could be heard laughing to each other about how were Eagle Drive looks like a river.

McGraw said, oddly enough it's actually brought people closer together, with neighbors helping neighbors.

"I mean we still totally appreciate living where we live and we wouldn't wanna trade it for anything," said McGraw.

Officials said they are predicting another spike of the river on Tuesday. That's spike is expected to get very close to record breaking levels. Official said they believe the water will begin to subside after Tuesday's spike