Habitat for Humanity Restore seeks to help 2C flooding victims

Posted at 8:38 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 22:38:45-04

A group of local flood victims are in need desperate need of help. Less than one month ago nearly two dozen homes were flooded in Canyon County after midway road collapsed into an underground culvert.The incident sent thousands of gallons of irrigation water into nearby residences.

Tuesday night Canyon County Highway officials told homeowners they would see money to soon to make their homes livable again, but many say they need immediate help now with basic needs. 

"A lot of times in flooding you could still use shelving or cupboards, but not these particular folks because they had septic tanks so it wasn't just water that flooded. It was like sewer water," said Roxy Feller with Habitat for Humanity Restore. "Imagine everything in your home from about your knee down gone."

"All of my couches, my furniture, my loveseats, gonzo," said Steve Fickles, one of the residents. 
Canyon County Habitat for Humanity Restore is hoping to assist, but they can't do it without the help of the community.

"What we would love for them to do is know that we are a drop off spot for these community members," explained Feller.

Normally when the donations are dropped off at the Restore, they are sold, but not in this case.
"This is a completely different circumstance. This is just to help our community members so anything that the community comes to donate to them we will deliver it to them," said Feller.

All you have to do is specify at drop off that you want it to go to the Canyon County flood victims.
They will accept everything from pots and pans to clothes and couches.

"For somebody to say it's just a couch, it's not much, well maybe not much to them but to the person getting that couch that can't afford to go down and buy a used one, it's huge," said Fickles

"Bring me your stuff! Anything that doesn't sell in a garage sale, please give it to us. Anything that you can give to us to help these flood victims we so welcome it," said Feller. 

The Canyon County Habitat for Humanity Restore is located at 1404 1st St S. in Nampa.