Guns found in carry-on bags at the Boise Airport up 75% for the year

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 00:23:23-04

The Boise Airport is set to break an unwelcome record -- guns found in carry-on bags. It is a growing trend, not just in Boise, but across the country. The TSA at the Boise Airport has seen it all -- from semi-automatics to revolvers -- and, this year, they are seeing way more than they care to. TSA agents say twelve handguns have been discovered in carry-on bags at the airport since the beginning of the year. Ten of those were loaded.

"Just having firearms or firearm parts on the aircraft creates concern," said Andrew Coose, Federal Security Director for the TSA of Idaho. "Having them loaded, yeah, it's that much more because you actually have a live round in the chamber or in the magazine."

At this time last year, the TSA had found three weapons at the airport and ended the year with 18. Officials expect 2017 to break the record. It is an issue they are seeing across the country. More than three thousand guns were discovered last year nationwide. The TSA is not sure why they are seeing the uptick.
"Obviously we live in a state where firearms are carried by quite a number of people," said Coose.

Agents did point out it could be just an increase in the number of people carrying firearms. Regardless, their message to travelers is clear: "Firearms on board aircraft don't mix," said Coose.

The TSA reminds passengers to be aware of the contents of their carry-on bags prior to coming to the security checkpoint. They have multiple resources available to passengers to help them determine whether an item is permitted in carry-on baggage, checked baggage or not at all. For more information, click here.