Gun sales steady following recent terrorist even

Posted at 6:05 PM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 20:05:02-05

With the resurgence of concerns about gun restrictions coming from the federal level, national gun sales in November were at all time highs.

At the Boise Gun Company in Nampa, holiday sales have picked up.

However, they aren't seeing an increase in assault weapons going out the door or any drastic changes in people's spending habits.

"The people are still coming in, they're still buying guns and they're still buying guns for different reasons," said Chris Klein who works at the Boise Gun Company in Nampa. "Some people are concerned for their safety. We have seen an uptick in the concealed carry classes that we give here."

Of course, background checks are required for all gun sales at the Boise Gun Company with the only exception being that you already have a concealed weapons permit.