Guest in isolation at Boise Rescue Mission shelter

Posted at 1:10 PM, Mar 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 13:39:04-04

UPDATE: The rescue mission is waiting for test results and the guest will remain in isolation until then. Rescue Mission staff are educating guests on how the virus spreads and providing information as well as resources and supplies.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Boise Rescue Mission Ministries leadership and staff have been preparing to address the possibility of a case of COVID19 at a Mission facility for more than four weeks. The Rescue Mission currently provides shelter to about 400 men, women and children at their five shelters in Ada and Canyon County. Currently, the Mission provides more than 800 meals every day.

“This morning (3.17.2020) we identified a Guest at the River of Life Mission displaying what could be symptoms of COVID19. That Guest was evaluated by EMS professionals and taken to the hospital for testing. The Guest was returned to our shelter and placed into isolation as we await the test results.” said Mission CEO, Rev. Bill Roscoe.

The Mission has previously developed plans to react to large-scale emergencies, such as flood, fire, severe weather, and has maintained the necessary food and supplies to carry the organization through those possible events. The mission already has plans already in place to isolate an infected Guest, or a number of Guests.

“We have always served people with serious illnesses in our shelters and so the precautions that many in the community have been advised to take for COVID19, such as sanitizing surfaces, hand washing and good hygiene are standard practice at the Mission. We have redoubled our efforts and insured that our Guests are often reminded of precautions to take," said Roscoe.

The Boise Rescue Mission is a member of a national organization of rescue missions (City Gate Network / and from the first notice of the virus we have been receiving factual information about the disease, how to reduce risk of infection and how to manage any guests or staff who may become infected. We are monitoring State and Federal information related to the virus as well.

Rescue Mission Staff are educating Mission Guests about how the virus spreads and providing that information as well as the necessary resources and supplies throughout all Mission facilities. Mission Guests are advised to report any symptoms to Staff and to seek medical evaluation immediately. We will continue to be very proactive to assist our Guests to be educated and to make all necessary resources available to them.

“In light of the COVID 19 threat I ask the people of the community to please remember that the rescue mission does not receive any government funding and we need your support right now to maintain operations and services,” Roscoe added.

Roscoe will make an announcement Wednesday morning at 10 with an update about the status of the COVID-19 test.