Governor Otter announces plans for Chief Education Officer

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 01:22:21-05

Governor  Butch Otter has offered a rare glimpse into his 2018 agenda for the upcoming legislative session. The governor announced Thursday his plans for creating a Chief Education Officer for the Idaho education system.

In September a 36 member task force finished up their work and gave Governor Otter their recommendations for improving education. Otter is now revealing some of his plans for the upcoming year. 

Linda Clark President of the Idaho State of Education said one item revealed would bring significant change.

"There were about a dozen recommendations, but the one we talked most about was the reconstruction of the office of the board of education," Clark said.

The governor plans on creating a Chief Education Officer that would help consolidate functions across the board in the education system. The savings would free up more money for college scholarships and other programs to support students.

"The next step is to design and develop a job description for that position and then after the legislature approves it we move forward with posting this position," Clark said.

Otter said creating a higher education CEO  would help the state reach its 2010 goal of getting 60 percent of Idaho's young adults to complete a post-secondary degree or certificate by 2025.