Gov. Little signs Naloxone bill into law

Posted at 11:43 AM, Feb 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-14 13:43:32-05

BOISE — Idaho Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 12 into law Thursday. The legislation would allow for easier dispensing of a drug called Naloxone, which can be quickly administered to an individual having an opioid overdose.

Experts say the drug is so effective that it can sometimes bring a person back to life shortly after an overdose.

Senator David Nelson (D-Moscow) sponsored the bill on the Senate floor. He expressed the importance of making Naloxone easily accessible.

“I am honored that this was the first piece of legislation I sponsored as a Senator,” he said. “This is an important first step in addressing the ongoing opioid crisis. Individuals who had no other option in the past will now have access to this life-saving drug. Sometimes, legislation really can be the difference between life and death.”

Representative Jake Ellis (D-Boise) joined Sen. Nelson at the signing ceremony in the Governor’s office. Rep. Ellis was invited to the ceremony because he has first-hand experience with Naloxone. During his time as a first responder, he said he witnessed over fifty lives saved by the drug. He explained the impact this legislation would make.

“During my time as a first responder, I came to understand the importance of making this drug more accessible.” he said. “When you have to act fast to save a life, drugs like Naloxone are incredibly helpful. We have to give families as many tools as possible when they are making decisions in a crisis. Naxolone will be invaluable to people who know that they must act quickly to save someone. There is no reason that we should deny people a second chance at life.”

(photo by; McKenna King)