Google says it will add Fiber service to Idaho – but doesn’t say where or when

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Posted at 7:20 PM, Aug 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-16 21:20:56-04

This article was originally published by Don Day in BoiseDev.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google unit says it will bring its Google Fiber high-speed product to Idaho. But the company didn’t say when, where or how.

Last week, Google issued a news release noting it would expand its high-speed Internet program to five additional states, including Idaho. But the release didn’t offer a timeline or any specifics on where within the Gem State it might expand. (Other news outlets have reported the service would expand to Boise, but Google has only said Idaho generally.)

“We’re talking to city leaders in the following states, with the objective of bringing Google Fiber’s fiber-to-the-home service to their communities,” Google Fiber CEO Dinni Jain wrote in the release.

Beyond Idaho, Google said it was looking at Colorado, Nebraska, and Nevada. It announced last month it would add service in Mesa, Arizona.

Google first started rolling out fiber optic high-speed Internet in 2010. At the time, the company’s pledge to roll out one gigabit home Internet connections seemed revolutionary. Today, many providers offer one gig or faster service.

In 2016, the companysaid it would “pause”its efforts to expand the fiber network rollout. It had previously said it would expand to 34 cities, but so far has only spread to 14.

“As communities across the country look to expand access to gigabit internet, I’m happy to say that we’re ready to grow alongside them,” Jain wrote. “Our team has spent many months traveling across the country, having conversations with cities looking for the best way to get better internet to their residents and business owners as quickly as possible.”

The Boise metro area has seen an increase in high-speed Internet providers in recent years. Previously, the only two widespread options were Sparklight (formerly CableOne) and CenturyLink. But providers like TDS fiber, CTC Internet and Lumen have started to add neighborhoods across the Treasure Valley. Satellite provider Starlinkhas also begun testsof its service in rural parts of the state.