Golfers organize to try and save Centennial and Ridgecrest golf courses in Nampa

Posted at 10:26 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 00:26:45-04

Golfers in Nampa are organizing to try and save Centennial and Ridgecrest golf courses.

They are collecting signatures to give to the city council before a vote on re-zoning the property.

But while some downtown businesses are on the golfers' side, the city's mayor says the financial benefits are too great to pass up.

Golfer Victor Rodriguez says he wants to save the courses, but is not against business expansion,

"We think other projects could enhance the golf courses and benefit the city of Nampa economically besides the project they have already."

Rodriquez says Nampa would benefit more by keeping the green space.

"Keep the golf courses," he says, "but build around the golf courses if they need to build out there."

But that does not fit into the plans already outlined by The Land Group, a developer that has been working with the state.

And the city's mayor says, as far as he is concerned, he made a promise.

"I was elected because taxes were too high," says Mayor Bob Henry. "So over time, if this brings tax rates down, it's good for everybody."

The full buildout of the 615 acres could generate 17 million dollars in taxes, which the mayor says could substantially reduce taxes for all residents.

Plus, he says it is important to be a good partner with the state.

 don't know if I want to stand in the way of property owners getting the best return for their property." says Henry, "That's a message I don't want to send."

Rodriguez says the public shouldn't be afraid to ask for other options.

"Is it really the state of Idaho who owns it or the people?  I question that."

The city council is scheduled to vote on re-zoning the land on August 15.