Golden retriever provides comfort to mourners at a Nampa funeral home

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 19:14:40-05

It’s no secret that dogs are a source of comfort, love and companionship. Now, a funeral home in Nampa is using that to their advantage, bringing a four-legged friend to offer comfort for the grieving. 

The newest staff member at Alsip and Persons Funeral Chapel in Nampa has four legs, soft fur and a wagging tail. 

Sadie, nearly five months old, spends most of her days in the funeral home.

“She’s our personal pet and she’s here to provide comfort to the families that come through the door,” said Scott Glover, co-owner of the funeral home.

From being in the room when grieving families make funeral arrangements, to attending wakes, memorial services and funerals, Sadie’s job is simple — just be herself. 

“Families just really enjoy petting her to relieve that stress of walking into a business like this,” Scott said. 

Scott and Samantha Glover, owners of Alsip and Persons, say more clients remember Sadie’s name than theirs. 

The energetic Golden Retriever is still training, but she knows the funeral home like the back of her paw. 

“We just want to get her accustomed to meeting families, being here every day, because she knows when she’s here, she’s working,” Samantha said. 

But it seems as though to Sadie, it’s not a job at all. 

The Glovers say Sadie also makes house calls, so if clients would like to make arrangements in the comfort of their home, Sadie can visit at their request.