You have GOAT to see this! Goats take over Boise neighborhood

Posted at 9:37 AM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-04 00:54:23-04

It’s not every day that Boise, Idaho goes viral, but it did today, leaving people all over the world wondering, “who let the goats out?!”

It’s normal to have dog on the loose in your neighborhood, what isn’t so normal, 118 goats trotting down your road.

Desmond De Santiago said, “And then mom was like come out, she went over, and then she was like Desmond come on, then we saw goats and I was like ‘wow!’”

Nothing like a surprise early wakeup call!

Neighborhood homeowner Derek Reynosa said, “We were alerted by our ring on our dapper and when I looked at my phone it was a bunch of goats just walking around our front yard and when we came out they were eating all our lilies.”

The goats spent a few hours in their goaty heaven, munching on trees, bushes, flowers, and everything in between, and residents didn’t seem to mind too much.

Gary Charland said, “They ate quite a few of the flowers which is fine, they’ll rebut and we’ll be good to go!”

The goats are part of a rental service that pitches itself as a natural way to take care of noxious weeds. They were supposed to be working in a nearby field, when they broke through the fence.

The goats didn’t do any irreparable damage, and no goats or people were harmed.