Giving Games add media tournament

Treasure Valley media members will battle on the virtual Blue for charity
Posted at 4:36 AM, Dec 21, 2023

BOISE, IDAHO — Boise State Esports it currently holding their 4th annual Giving Games, a charity event that benefits the Idaho Food Bank.

  • The Giving Games are adding a Madden tournament event that will feature several media professionals from around the Treasure Valley
  • Idaho News 6 Morning Reporter Matt Sizemore will be among the competitors
  • If you'd like to see the event live on Thursday(12/21) at 6pm MST, you can show up to the BSU Esports Arena in Downtown Boise, or to watch from anywhere, just click here

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Whoever said video games will rot your brain apparently didn't know about the charitable potential they have.

The Giving Games are officially on!

"ICCU came to us with a premise of let's get businesses together, let's play some games, let's raise money for the Idaho Food Bank, and we've been doing this for four years now," said Boise State Esports Head Coach Doc Haskell.

ICCU and other local and regional companies all flock to Boise State's Esports Arena to battle on the virtual blue.

"They've got some great nerds, they put their nerds in our competition with us, and we just see who comes out on top. Each group gives donations specifically to the Idaho Food Bank, there's a big check. I mean a BIG check!" exclaimed Haskell.

But as successful as this event has been in the past, this time around, they're throwing in some heavyweights.

"This year we're adding kind of a media throwdown so we're gonna see if the talkers can walk the walk. We're gonna let them try to distract each other by calling each other's matches but we're gonna do it kind of like a fight card," said Haskell.

A media Madden tournament featuring myself and at least seven other Treasure Valley-area media personalities, battling it out on the virtual gridiron.

"It may not be great gameplay but it will be entertaining gameplay," laughed Haskell.

While the Giving Games are going on right now, the Media Madden Tournament will commence Thursday(12/21) at 6pm in the Boise State Esports Arena. And though it's a first for this event, Coach Haskell still has a few predictions.

"Prater's trash talk game will be the best, we know that, I think Johnny Mallory is probably the sneakiest, best player in that group, although, do not rule out our Sizemore," laughed Haskell.

And if you want to catch this first of it's kind tournament live, you can be an audience member at BSU's Esports Arena or watch it on their Twitch Channel from anywhere. Again, that's this Thursday at 6pm.

To get to Boise State Esports' Twitch channel, click here!