Girls on the Run finishes up spring season with 5K at Kleiner Park

Posted at 3:05 PM, May 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 18:13:22-04

Girls on the Run Treasure Valley started twenty years ago, and with this area being such a vibrant community for runners it only makes sense that this program continues to grow.

Girls on the Run finished up their spring season with a 5K at Kleiner Park featuring 33 schools from Mountain Home to Notus, in total, the program had 550 girls participate this year.

"It’s really fun," said Edie who was one of the first to finish the 5K. "I’m glad that it is just girls."


These girls have been training since February with practices two times a week, but it's not just about building physical strength and focusing on nutrition, this program teaches young ladies confidence, connection and character.

"It’s all about teaching girls about being respectful, being kind and also but also taking care of themselves," said Marnie Packard a board member for Girls on the Run Treasure Valley.

It was also a special occasion for Eide and her friend Veeva because they have participated in this program, but they only got to do so virtually and through their school during the pandemic.

"This is my first race with everybody because last time we just ran with out team and that was really fun, but this time it was with a bunch of teams," said Eide.

With this program being 20-years-old it also adds a special dynamic with women who have participated in this program coming back to volunteer and mentor the next generation of runners.

"It is really great for these young girls to see women that have gone through this program and how it has impacted them in their lives," said Packard.

Girls on the Run features girls grades 3-8 and some of these girls could really run, everybody got a rose at the finish line and for every girl I saw that also came with a smile.

"They are really amazing coaches my mom got to coach this year and that was really fun," said Edie. "The race is my favorite part."