Girl rollerblades across the U.S. for a cause

Posted at 4:56 PM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 13:35:15-04

Now you've heard of people running or biking across the U.S., but it isn't every day you hear of someone rollerblading over 4,000 miles cross country.

"I'm rollerblading across the country, I started in Miami, I went straight up to New York, and now all the way to Portland Oregon."

She’ll have over 4,000 miles under her feet by the time she gets to her final destination, and the Bladress is on her final stretch. She’s skating the states with a big mission.

"I truly believe in how the world really isn't as dangerous as most people think, and so through action, I want to show people what I see," says Bladress Yanice Ho.

But she's also raising money for secondary education for children in Kenya and Uganda. She already has over $22,000 in can, and has provided an education for nearly 50 students.

"I believe that through education, people will know that they have a chance," says Yanice.

She has set out each day over the last seven months with no plans as to where she is going to stop, or the places she might stay.

"There's not a day I've slept on the street or had to go hungry," says Yanice.

Her faith in humanity is already restored, and she's restoring that of those who host her along the way.

"One of my friends back in Iowa has been following her journey and she stayed with one of their friends, so it's just a really small world. They reached out to me yesterday morning and said she was coming into Boise and would I be willing to host her," says Yanice.

And after just one more pit stop in the Gem State, Yanise will cross the Oregon border. Which is the state where she will finish her trek.

"When I end in Portland, I'm going to have a little party and invite everyone in Portland to join and just really ramp up the journey... and then I want to write a story about this journey," says Yanice.