Giraffe Laugh prepares for annual bowl-a-thon

Giraffe Laugh bowl-a-thon
Posted at 4:28 PM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 19:07:30-04

GARDEN CITY — "Most of them are low to no income, but there are a number that are regular income," said executive director Lori Fascilla.

Some involved, experience both. Julia Joy's first three kids were provided for by means of a six-figure salary, but then all of their resources disappeared.

"He's the youngest of four, and I very suddenly and traumatically found myself as a single mom, and so I couldn't leave the house to look for a job without child care," said Joy.

This weekend, they're lacing up their bowling shoes for the 12th annual bowl-a-thon, a fundraiser at Westy's in Garden City.

While the bowl-a-thon is a fun yearly tradition, the funds raised during it, help level the playing field.

The funds go towards field trips, ballet showcases, and books for reading, which helped Joy's child experience the same type of preschool education without the price tag coming into effect.

"In those situations, the kids really suffer, so he was able to have a totally normal happy playful covered in paint playdoh childhood without carrying the burdens and the stress of our circumstance," said Joy.

Nearly half of all Idaho children aren't ready for kindergarten, and Giraffe Laugh says providing early childhood education is s good first step to ensuring success.