Giving exercise for the holidays

Posted at 10:40 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 00:40:59-05

All those holiday treats are right around the corner.
And before you get a head start on that "snacker's remorse", consider this an opportunity to change your life.

When you're out shopping this Christmas, consider the gift of good health for you or someone you love.
A few sessions with a trainer can put you on the right track well before the new year..

Christine Kruse is excited about her new exercise routine.
"I have a health hisotry to overcome diabetes and heart disease so i'm feeling like i'm doing something to mitigate the effects of those things."
Christine sought help from Kristy Lageson at Idaho Athletic Club.

"I never had a routine before and didn't know what to do." says Kruse.

"We've taken Christine for about 2 months and she lost 12 pounds with motivation from me and working on the diet." says Lageson.

Diet is important, but if you're not planning on changing that until the new year, now is the time to at least pick up the exercise.

"If you don't have experience, you need guidance and that's helpful and find someone if not a trainer, a workout partner whoever.  Someone who knows what they're doing and can motivate you."

And through December, friends and family of Idaho Athletic members can check out the club for free on weekends.
Also, memberships at Idaho Athletic Club are 99 dollars for three months and 149 dollars for 6 months.