AAA: Gas prices drive more Idahoans to road trip

Posted at 5:25 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 19:25:35-04
With Memorial Day weekend fast-approaching, more Idahoans than last year are set to hit the road to dodge the dog days of summer.
The Automobile Association of America says around 200,000 Idahoans are prepped and ready to road trip. that's about 5,000 more than last year.
AAA says that's partly because the overall macroeconomic picture makes buying gas an easy decision, but also prices are lower this year compared to last year.
The state-wide average of 2.44/gal -- a little higher at 2.51/gal in Idaho metro areas -- is lower than this time last year, and a far cry from the highest-ever Idaho average price in 2008 at $4.12/gal.  
"Typically Idaho prices above the national average in the summer months and is on track to repeat this again this year," says William Speer of 
AAA said that typically prices are higher in Idaho because there is no refinery here, adding increased costs passed to the consumer at the gas pump.