Garden City man's 'ship in a bottle' to be mass produced by Lego

Posted at 8:01 PM, Aug 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-06 22:01:03-04

Late last year after building a real ship in a bottle Jacob Sadovich got the crazy idea to do it again, but this time he wanted to see if he could make one entirely out of Legos.

"I came up with the idea first and I had actually puzzled over it for about a year before I started building it thinking can I do it? Can I not do it?" Sadovich told KIVI when we first spoke to him in December of 2016.

As it turned out, in just three weeks, he did do it.

He got so many compliments on it, people suggested he submit his ship to the Lego Idea's website.

If people like it, they can vote on it. If it gets 10,000 votes then Lego will review it to make it into an actual set.

Sadovich did submit it, and people did like it. It easily got the votes it needed. Then, late last week Sadovich got the news he has waited for his whole life. 

"My ship in a bottle Lego idea is going to be produced into an actual set," Sadovich said while smiling. "It's super awesome. I can't even explain it really, just very very exciting and very relieving."

Sadovich said he got an email heads up saying that they were going to reveal whether his design passed or not in the morning. He said the anticipation nearly killed him but it was well worth the wait. 

He said his friends and family won't stop congratulating him which is entirely surreal, especially because he built it because he lives and breathes Legos. It is his favorite hobby. 

Now he is thrilled and hopes others will enjoy the timeless classic as much as he does. 

"It has such a long history of the craft of ship in the bottle. I mean, hundreds and hundreds of years so it's a very recognizable art form," said Sadovich.

His ship in the bottle still has to go through a fine tuning process. They have to make instructions and design the box, but the set is expected to hit the store shelves sometime in 2018. To top it all off Sadovich gets five copies of the set and one percent of the sales. 

What is Sadovich planning on doing with the money? Buying more Legos of course.