Garden City donation-based water business in need of new space

Posted at 1:15 PM, Feb 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-17 15:15:20-05

GARDEN CITY, Idaho — Rising rent prices and even finding space to rent are ever-present issues in the Treasure Valley and a local business is one of many feeling the effects of the current rental market.

Customers can bring their own jug and get water 24 hours a day at Waterco, but the service might not be around for long. They're in search of a new location.

"Purified water always tastes just like water, no matter what you're used to previous," Marc Kramis, the owner of Waterco, said.

He said this is why people come to Waterco from as far away as Emmett.

"I've always leased this space and my landlord has been very generous with my lease terms, but his business is expanding and he's right next door so he wants to expand into this space," Kramis said.

Waterco is all donation-based. The Kramis just asks people to donate 25 cents a gallon. That price doesn't bring in big profits, though.

So with the current rental market, finding a new space is challenging.

This is why Kramis set up a GoFundMe, hoping the community will help to keep this donation-based service available.