Garden City dog shot by officer for second time

Posted at 5:02 PM, Sep 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-03 19:32:27-04

GARDEN CITY, ID-- A Garden City Police officer shot an American Terrier on Friday as it displayed aggressive behavior toward officers.

On Friday night at 9:30 p.m. Garden City Officers responded to a check for a wanted subject on West 36th Street in Garden City.  While speaking to people inside the home, the front door was left open. An 84-pound American Terrier came out of the home, showing aggressive behavior, and forcing the officer to retreat to the street.  

Another officer attempted to stop the dog by spraying it with pepper spray; however it was not affective. As the dog jumped onto one of the officers and attempted to bite him, another officer in fear for his partner’s safety fired one round from his handgun striking the dog in the back of the torso.

After the dog was shot officers provided first aid and transported it to a local emergency veterinary clinic for treatment. The dog was later euthanized due to the injuries sustained.

Witnesses at the scene advised that the dog was extremely aggressive towards law enforcement, and they felt the officers had no option but to shoot the dog.

The owner of the dog was cited for vicious dog at large.

"All Garden City Police Officers receive training in dealing with vicious animals. Our Officers have a tremendous amount of respect for animals especially canines. Unfortunately there are some encounters in which officers have to utilize lethal force in order to protect themselves and others. Based on the preliminary evidence and witnesses statements at the scene this appears to be one of those cases", said Chief Allen.

The investigation revealed that this same dog was shot by officers in Meridian approximately one year earlier.

The witnesses reported the dog has continued to display aggression towards officers since that incident in Meridian.

Garden City Police will conduct a thorough internal investigation to ensure the officers acted within accordance to Garden City policy. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Garden City Police Department.