Friends and loved ones gather to remember and celebrate the life of JJ Saldaña

Posted at 8:48 AM, Sep 26, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — JJ Saldaña, a prominent leader in Idaho and throughout the Hispanic Latino community, passed away over the weekend.

Monday evening, friends and loved ones met at Modern Hotel to remember and celebrate the life and impact of JJ Saldaña.

“Everything that you heard of JJ was true. He moved in the magnanimous way he gave, he listened, and he showed up,” says, Antonio Hernandez.

Old colleagues, friends, and even social media buddies were in attendance. Hernandez met Saldaña in 2018 after traveling the state together and working on various projects. Like most, Saldaña's death came to him as a complete shock.

Hernandez says, “For me, they talk about the different stages of grief, and denial being the first one, I fully felt that. I felt the, the refusal for me to accept that. That it had happened.”

The cause of Saldaña's death has not yet been released, but according to reports from those close to Saldaña, he died in his sleep sometime late on the night of September 21 or the morning of September 22.

Jess Flynn met Saldaña through social media and from there, their relationship grew.

“He was such a bright light and such a vibrant presence that it hasn't sunk in that he's gone. But in some way, there's comfort in knowing that he has created such a legacy that's going to have an inter-generational impact,” said Flynn.

Saldaña's death was sudden, and nearly everyone close to him is feeling the impact.

Hernandez says, “He always made us feel like we were the star of the show. He always brought out the shine in us, he'd always encourage us, he would put the spotlight on anyone who was doing something good in Boise or in Idaho and put them on that stage to showcase them."

Flynn adds, “He's someone whose impact is going to live on. People are empowered to think about how we can follow in his footsteps, his beautiful footsteps, his great shoes, and kind of live like JJ did.”

This is one of many celebrations of JJ Saldaña’s life. Hernandez hints to us that JJ had many projects in the works and that his legacy will continue by working on and completing what he started.