Fourth annual Wyakin Warrior Guardian Ball

Posted at 10:47 PM, Dec 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-06 00:47:29-05
The fourth annual Wyakin Warrior Guardian Ball and Induction Ceremony took place Saturday in downtown Boise. 
On your sides Don Nelson and Michelle Edmonds emceed the event.
The black tie event celebrated wounded and injured veterans who have served and sacrificed.
Between 400 and 500 people came out to show their support, along with 13 of the worlds most famous cartoonists. 
"It costs us about $25,000 for each new veteran. What we are trying to do is raise money for new veterans coming in next year. If we bring in say 100,000 dollars that will be four veterans that we can bring into the program and last for 4-5 years worth of school," explained Jeff Bacon, president of the Wyakin Warriors Foundation.
"Wyakin has really helped me come out of my shell. When I was retired from the military I kind of hid out for a while and stayed within myself. Wyakin really helps us come out and continue to be a productive member of society," said veteran Brandon Woodard.
There have now been 43 Wyakin Warriors since the program started in 2011.
They are hoping with the help of the money raised they will be able to invite several more.