Four-year college, or learning a trade? A view from rural Idaho

Posted at 9:51 AM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 11:51:38-04

This week’s education news:

After high school: a rural perspective.  Kash Morrison is 23, and he owns a business: Morrison Fabrication builds and repairs farm implements and other equipment in and around the rural community of Downey. Morrison’s career got a jump start through a two-year program at Idaho State University. Morrison’s story is replicated across rural Idaho; according to a statewide survey, rural parents are more likely to support career-technical education as a career path for their children.

A lottery payday. The Idaho Lottery handed out $48.5 million in dividends for schools and public buildings Thursday — down slightly from record payouts in 2015-16. The public schools’ cut of the money comes to $30.3 million, and the money will go towards building projects and repairs. The dividends represent the state government’s piece of the action on $240 million in lottery ticket sales.

Community college startup. Idaho’s newest community college is a little bit closer to becoming a reality. The Idaho Falls-based College of Eastern Idaho will offer a new associate degree program starting in August. And this week, the State Board of Education named a slate of five CEI trustees.

A rocky process. State superintendent Sherri Ybarra’s staff is scrambling to write up Idaho’s plan to comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act, the feds’ new and far-reaching education law. The document is due Sept. 18. So far, Idaho’s process has been marked by missed internal deadlines — and grumblings from education leaders who say they have been cut out of the process.


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