Four graduated from Create Common Good food service training program

Program designed for people with job barriers
Posted at 5:43 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 19:43:25-04

More than 600 people have graduated from Create Common Good. The program helps people with employment barriers to complete a food service training program. 

"It's been about a five year journey to get to this point," said James Richardson, Create Common Good graduate.

For James Richardson, it's been a rough go.

"I was working at a pizza restaurant, Papa John’s and my car broke down and I couldn't afford to get it fixed so I was unemployed for about three years," said Richardson.

After that, James began the program through Create Common Good but he found a job during the process so he didn't finish. He was laid off from that job.

"So I came back here to get more help to get another job," said Richardson.

It's an eight week long program where trainees learn skills that will go a long way in the food service industry. All that hard work has now paid off and four students are graduating from the program including James.

"It's definitely helped me see more of a bigger picture and um all of the things that go into making a meal," said Richardson.

The students get to choose a dish of their choice to prepare for the special day. James says he feels confident about his future but it's all possible because of the program

"I definitely think that they've help me reach a better place," said Richardson.

He said he already has interviews lined up, but his ultimate goal is to own his own food truck.