Forward Movement Training hosts 2022 Aerial Marksmanship Experience

Posted at 1:05 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 18:44:47-04

BOISE, Idaho — Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang off the side of a helicopter and try to shoot targets with a rifle? People will have that opportunity this Saturday in the first ever Aerial Marksmanship Experience.

Forward Movement Training and Consulting is a local company that focuses on providing people with the tools to be a safe and responsible gun owner, they teach classes on marksmanship, help people get their concealed carry licenses and also have self-defense scenarios and larger scale training programs.

This Saturday at a ranch near Sweet, Idaho, Forward Movement Training will host an event that allows people to test their marksmanship skills in a unique way. For help running the event, Forward Movement Training brought in decorated veterans Richard Hogg and Kyle Morgan.

"I just see the value in the group of people that they have put together here," said Morgan who retired after a career in the Army. "This being the the inception I really believe this event will be a very beneficial experience for people who attend."

Kyle Morgan now owns and operates Blu Bearing Solutions, a business named after the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, Mali in Africa. In 2015 Morgan's Army Special Forces unit responded to a hostage situation saving hundreds of lives.

Blu Bearing Solutions teaches firearm instructions and while people are not riding on the MD500 helicopter at the event this Saturday, they will be able to take a divergent pistol class taught by Morgan.

"In a short amount of time we are going to cover a lot and it is really intended as an exposure piece with a lot of different aspects to the basic fundamental of marksmanship," said Morgan. "It is intended for people of varying skill levels."

Richard Hogg owns War Hogg Tactical Inc. which is one of the sponsors of the event. Hogg deployed 13 times, had a 29-year-career in the Army and also worked as a Special Operations Forces K-9 handler.

Hogg told us marksmanship fundamentals will be key, especially the trigger squeeze for people to hit targets during their helicopter ride, but he's also trying to raise money and awareness for Scott's Wish and a project called in honor of Duco.

"Duco was my retired work dog that I lost July 5 2021 to Osteosarcoma," said Hogg. "The thing is when they are going to save your dog they give you a price tag it was going to cost $10,000, these guys have no doggie VA there are no benefits given to them by the military."

As for Forward Movement Training they hope this event will turn into an annual event, the first Aerial Marksmanship Experience sold out almost immediately and Drew Coussens looks forward to the event.

He also wanted to highlight some of the other sponsors including Black Rifle Coffee, Smoking Barrel Hot Sauce and several local businesses who made this event possible.