Former Treasure Valley resident shelters in place during Hurricane Harvey

West of Houston in Katy, Texas flood waters are rising as residents there say the rain has been non-stop.

Six On Your Side spoke to Brandon Elliott today.

He was born and raised in the Treasure Valley but now calls Katy home.

He said his apartment complex is flooding and many residents are stranded as the water is now too high to drive through. 

Elliott said this storm is unlike anything he's seen before. 

"Every time that they say there is a hurricane that is going to hit us hard, we always prepare for it but we always assume that it is not going to happen because the last couple times its really never affected us. It's more towards the bay, but this time it's actually taking a toll on us," said Elliott. "This is the worst one we've seen."

Elliott said his family has enough food and water to comfortably make it through the weekend. 

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