Flying Pie Pizza using Artificial Intelligence to take orders

Flying Pie
Posted at 4:57 PM, Apr 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-15 11:37:34-04

EAGLE, Idaho — If you've called Flying Pie Pizza recently, you might've heard a unique voice. The restaurants have recruited some robotic assistance to serve up some slices.

Flying Pizza now uses software called Kea AI to help take orders at all its locations. Recently, the pizzeria has found it hard to hire people, meaning running into roadblocks while trying to take all the orders possible.

“The ability to answer all of those calls and not have to have extra bodies on the floor to do it is honestly going to be incalculable for us," said Chris Russell, an area manager for the restaurant.

Russell says the process at the store hasn't changed at all. The pizzas are still handmade and served to order.

He also adds that talking on the phone is just like having a conversation with a person.

This artificial intelligence also learns. If you are a return customer, it will remember you by name.

While Russell thinks it will help with sales, he also says it's about showing the customers they care by making sure their call is answered.