Emergency declaration signed in Twin Falls County after flooding

Flooding wreaks havoc in the Magic Valley
Posted at 10:34 PM, Feb 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 13:57:25-05

Twin Falls County Commissioners have signed an emergency declaration in response to widespread flooding. It's all coming from not only rain and a rapid snowmelt, but a canal that burst its banks. Authorities say things could get worse before they get better
"This is the worst I've seen it in the 26 years since I've had this place," said one local ranchers.

The Twin Falls County Sherrif's Office says at least eight home have been seriously damaged. While evacuations have not been made mandatory at this time, the Red Cross shelters at the Amazing Grace Fellowship in Twin Falls and the Jerome County Fairgrounds are ready to help.

"Residents need to take care of their own property and do what they can to abate the flooding," said Lori Stewart a spokeswoman for the Twin Falls County Sherrrif's Office.

Outlying rural communities have also been it hard by the flooding and many ranches are doing everything they can to protect their livestock. But one rancher says there is not much more he can do.

"It's flooded quite a bit of my place," said one rancher. "I'm lucky that I got some slope to my upper fields so I got a place for the cattle. If it gets any deeper I'm probably gonna have to move out."

With highways and roads turning to rivers across the Magic Valley, many have been closed. Authorities are urging the public that if they come across a barricade on the road to not go around it. They are urging the public to turn around and be safe.

"Some of the water is receding at this point but now we have logs and debris and major ice chunks in the roadways and destroyed roads," said Stewart.