Flock Cancer Idaho presents $100,000 to three cancer organizations

Posted at 9:34 PM, Jun 30, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — Flock Cancer Idaho raised $100,000 during their walk in May, and today they presented checks to three organizations.

Surviving Hearts and Angel Wings Network are two new recipients of this year's checks. Both groups received $25,000 each. The third organization, Bustin’ Out of Boise, received $50,000.

All the money received will go back into helping women throughout the Treasure Valley.

Mabel Dobbs, Executive Director of the Angel Wings Network in Weiser, says “Each year we have grown in the need and in the last two weeks I set up ten new cancer patients. So, it will help us immensely meet our budget this year and be able to expand our program because this was new money that we didn't know at the beginning of the year that we were going to have.”

The mission of Angel Wings network is to support cancer patients and families in rural areas who have been affected by cancer.

Bustin' Out of Boise is also one of this year's recipients, receiving $50,000 for their organization. The group helps women who are going through cancer treatments by providing resources and support like childcare, food, transportation and more.

“We had a waiting list and it made us able to take these women off the list,” said Sherry Quay with Bustin' out of Boise

Idaho News 6 is a proud sponsor of the Flock Cancer Walk after raising $65,000 last year and $100,000 thousand this year, organizers hope to raise even more money in the future.