Flock Cancer brings survivors and non-profits together on Harrison Boulevard

Posted at 3:06 PM, May 07, 2022

BOISE, Idaho — Cancer survivor Leslie Scantling started Flock Cancer last year after the Susan G. Komen Foundation decided to stop doing their walk in Boise.

The 2nd annual Flock Cancer Street Stroll took place on Saturday to raise money for non-profits, bring survivors of cancer together and continue the tradition of walking against cancer.

This year had more people than the first year as this event looks like it will continue to grow, more neighbors participated on Harrison boulevard and people brought a sea of pink to one of Boise's most iconic streets.

"It’s incredible and there are so many more people," said Julie Parker one of three survivors we talked to in a group who made the walk. "It is really cool to see, I’m happy to be a part of it."

The walk features a bell for cancer survivors and people who know someone that has beat cancer, ringing the bell signifies a win against cancer and ladies were also given medals to wear.

"To me it feels like I’ve given all of us an opportunity to have a collective hug," said Scantling. "We did it and we all get to celebrate again, I’m glad we all have that it is important as a survivor community."

But this event also raises money for the YMCA Oncology and Bustin' out of Boise, a local non-profit that has been around for almost ten years, this group came together well before that when they used to get together for the Susan G. Komen Walk.

"This is huge to be out here it is a very full circle moment for our ladies who have always supported breast cancer thus the name Bustin' out of Boise," said Tami Malone. "That is where we got our roots, but now we walk alongside women with all types of cancer and it is very exciting to be chosen as a recipient for the funds raised today.”

Bustin' out of Boise helps women who get that unfortunate diagnosis by making sure they have childcare covered, lawncare, cooking, laundry and just anything they need so those women can focus on beating cancer.

"Just about every penny on the dollar goes directly to our recipients," said Malone. "We are about to start our tenth year as a non-profit and we are growing."

Flock Cancer featured a side street that was blocked off with food trucks and a survivor tent, the Boise Police Department made an appearance in their pink ribbon police car and the weather held up pretty well.

"I'm just so grateful how the community and everybody has embraced this," said Scantling. "The energy, the excitement and all the color I’m having a blast."

And that's a good thing because today is also Leslie Scantling's birthday as not only did she beat cancer but her mother did as well.

"We want to wish her a happy birthday from Bustin’ out of Boise," said Malone.

If you didn't make it to the walk, but you would still like to donate to the cause click here is a link to the Flock Cancer website.