Fish and Game wants to know who left elk and deer to waste

Posted at 2:38 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 16:39:04-05

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is asking the public for information regarding the waste of several big game carcasses in early November.

The first case involves a spike elk carcass, discovered near Arrowrock Reservoir’s Irish Creek boat ramp and apparently harvested around November 1, according to a Fish and Game news release. The elk had been cut in half, with one entire half left in the field to spoil. “It appears that attempts were made to pack portions of the other elk half away from the kill site,” Fish and Game conservation officer Ben Cadwallader explained. “Yet, one whole front quarter was found -- apparently discarded -- just off the trail, as though the person became injured or perhaps exhausted.”

Evidence was collected at the kill site, but Cadwallader said he would like to talk with anyone who might have knowledge of the discarded elk. “Given the popularity of this area, it’s highly likely someone witnessed what happened here,” he said.

The second case came to light when an elk hunter found and reported two mule deer left to waste about a mile northwest of Idaho City. “In this case, it appears that the two-point buck and doe mule deer were harvested, field-dressed and hung in a hunting camp or at a residence, perhaps for several days,” Cadwallader said. “Despite this time investment, the deer carcasses were eventually loaded into a UTV, hauled to the woods and dumped.”

Only one hindquarter and the tenderloins were removed from the buck; the doe was untouched, officials said. As with the elk case, Cadwallader would like to visit with anyone having knowledge of this incident.

Citizens against Poaching (CAP) is offering a reward for information in these cases -- and callers can remain anonymous. You can contact CAP at 1-800-632-5999, twenty-four hours a day.

In addition to the CAP hotline, persons may also contact their local Fish and Game office with information regarding the case. In the Ada/Canyon County area, you contact the Nampa Fish and Game office at 465-8465.