First week of school in the books for some local districts

Posted at 6:29 PM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-24 09:28:21-04

IDAHO — Boise School District finished its first week online while Victory Charter School just wrapped up its second week of school in-person.

"Overwhelmingly, our parents just wanted to see us back in person with their children educating them," said Victory Charter's spokesperson Gayle O'Donahue.

Students follow a strict schedule, both in their classes and in their cleaning routines.

"Before the students even come into the classrooms we do a temperature check. Every teacher records their temperatures as they come in, and then we do multiple temperature checks throughout the day," said O'Donahue. "Teachers went so far as to have on their daily class schedules when those times happen so that it's clear to everyone."

Victory installed unique technology in the school's HVAC system to help limit the spread of germs.

"All during the day, all the air that we're breathing inside the school is constantly being cleaned. The viruses and bacteria and mold that can be in the air, they're being starved," said O'Donahue.

Masks are mandatory for grades six and up. So far, there have been zero COVID cases in the last two weeks.

"Given that we are a small school district, it's something we thought we could do safely," said O'Donahue.

It's less feasible right now for the Boise School District, who decided to start Monday virtually.

"All things considered, it's been a great week to get students back to learning," said Boise Schools spokesperson Dan Hollar.

It's the first-ever virtual start to school for the district, which has presented some challenges.

"That first few days we had some login issues. We have a help desk set up," said Hollar. "I think we worked through a lot of those already.

The district has been able to provide tech to all students in need in their district for remote learning. Hollar says the district just received a shipment of 13,000 Chromebooks ordered back in May.

Like Victory, Boise students follow a schedule every day, and they hope to be back in person soon.