Firebird Raceway brings families together out on the track

Posted at 2:34 PM, Jun 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-01 14:41:26-04

EAGLE — Firebird Raceway north of Eagle opened in 1968 in an effort to provide family entertainment at an affordable price while giving drivers a chance to live their lives a quarter mile at a time.

We discovered a number of different unique family connections from one racer who met his wife at the track to a grandfather who has taught a six-year-old how to race.

"I'm proud. I have to keep telling myself that he's only six. I have a hard time with that," said Brad Pattan. "I know grownups that have a hard time doing this and he's so patient, he listens and does everything he should."

At the track, people race cars, motorcycles and even snowmobiles that can go up to 145 miles per hour.

"These are strictly asphalt sleds and we run in the high eight seconds," said snowmobiler Craig Nelson who makes the trip from Ogden, UT every other week to race at Firebird Raceway. "We are fast out there."

That track is also a place where people fall in love in more ways than one.

"I just love it and my wife loves it too. We met at a race track. It is just in our blood," said Jacob Phelps. "It's awesome. She's my best friend and that's just who we are and what we like to do."

Firebird Raceway will hold it's signature event starting on August 8. The 48th Pepsi Nightfire Nationals is a four-day event with hundreds of racers from 15 states and Canada.

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